UK pod koniec czerwca wycofa…

UK pod koniec czerwca wycofa…

UK pod koniec czerwca wycofa się z 14-dniowej kwarantanny dla przyjezdnych! Szkoda tylko, że polska Rada Ministrów wydała rozporządzenie zakazujące lotów do UK – ciekawe, czy UK tym samym się odwdzięczy wobec Polski (w UK krzywa cały czas spada, a to w PL jest ciągle bez poprawy, jeśli chodzi o Covid19).

Air bridges to be announced by end of June

Air bridges enabling holidaymakers to travel overseas without entering self-isolation when they return will be announced by the end of June, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has indicated.

The Government is „actively working” on introducing travel corridors, he told LBC Radio, amid widespread concerns the quarantine policy is crippling the travel and tourism industry.

„We won’t be in a position to announce which countries – where reciprocal arrangements go in place – until the 29th,” he said. „So don’t expect anything this week, I think I’m right in saying it’s only the end of next week.”

June 29 is the date for the Government’s first review of its controversial quarantine policy, which came into force last week, and requires most international arrivals into the UK to enter into self-isolation for 14 days.

It comes as much of Europe has this week reopened borders to allow travel within the EU Schengen Zone. 

An EU-wide agreement to replace our quarantine laws is backed by key tourist destinations for Britons including Spain and Italy, who oppose individual bilateral deals and would prefer a pan-European system with agreed criteria for “low-risk” states and specific airport measures to combat Covid-19.

This would avoid concerns that travellers could fly to a “low-risk” country but then travel on to other countries.

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